How to Build Clientele as an Esthetician

Woman receiving a skin treatment from an esthetician

Once you become an esthetician, building up your clientele is incredibly essential. Though it takes a while to have an established group of customers, patience and perseverance will help you along the way.

Realistically, you will not always connect with every client that comes through your door. A successful career as an esthetician relies on the relationship established between you and your clients, so if at first, you do not succeed, try again tomorrow. One way to help connect with new clients is to mimic their personalities. If they are not very talkative, do not talk their ear off. If they love to gossip about the latest celebrity news, do your best to be interested and engaged.

Be sure to ask questions that will help you gain insight into their short and long-term goals. Ask them what they are hoping to gain from their visit today to gain insight on how to craft their treatment. If a client is looking to develop an effective skincare routine for acne, that will help you determine the angle of your information and the treatment options to offer.

Another way to build up your clientele is to offer free skin treatments. It may seem counterproductive when you are looking to fill your days, but offering free treatments will get people through the door much quicker. Provide them with gift certificates for their friends, and if they enjoyed the treatment they received, they might come back for a full-price visit.

How to Properly Clean Makeup Brushes

Professional makeup brushes near a salon mirror

To perform high-quality makeup looks, you are going to need clean, high-quality tools. Understanding how to properly clean your brushes will not only make your job easier, it will keep your client’s faces free from bacteria and acne. When you want to become a makeup artist, the following steps will help ensure your brushes stay clean.

Step 1: Gather your supplies. Dawn anti-bacterial dish soap, olive oil, a plate, and paper towels are all you need. Dawn dish soap works great due to its powerful degreasing properties and will ensure your brushes are squeaky clean.

Step 2: Pour some soap onto the plate and olive oil right next to it. Swirl the brush where the soap and oil meet until you have enough to cover the bristles.

Step 3: Swirl the brush in the palm of your hand to really get rid of the dirt and grime. Once you feel like you have gotten enough product off, repeat steps 2-3 with the remainder of your brushes.

Step 4: Rinse your brushes using lukewarm water. Any hotter or colder could have adverse effects on the quality of your brushes. Keep your bristles pointing downwards to prevent water from damaging the glue that holds them together.

Step 5 (Optional): If you have one handy, you can use a spa-cleaning glove to help rinse and clean your brushes.

Step 6: After you rinse the brush, squeeze to remove excess water from the bristles. This will help speed up the drying process.

Step 7: Dry your brushes with the paper towels and let them air dry to ensure the brushes stay nice and fluffy. Once they are completely dry, you can use them as normal!

Woman receiving a facial skincare treatment at a spa

Four Benefits Facials Have for the Skin

When you are looking to become an esthetician, you will be expected to perform a variety of services for your clients. One of the most popular services is facials. Nothing feels better than soft and milky skin, and it will be your job to provide just that for many clients. As an esthetician, it is essential to understand all of the many benefits this procedure has.

  1. They Help Reduce Stress

Many pressure points in your face are connected to different systems in the body. When these pressure points are massaged, it can help relieve stress and tension. Not only will a facial help the skin glow, but it will help the entire body feel and function better.

  1. They Prevent Aging

One of the biggest reasons people get facials is for their anti-aging benefits. Regular facials help to boost cell regeneration and promote collagen development, keeping the skin smoother and younger for longer.         

  1. They Help to Treat Acne

People with acne prone skin will get regular facial treatments to help calm their skin. As an esthetician, you will learn how to use a variety of products to help your clients calm and treat their breakouts.

  1. They Offer Expert Care

Instead of slapping on a sheet mask at home, your client is scheduling a facial with you, not just for the experience, but to get an expert opinion on their skin. You will assist clients with determining their skin type, treating their problems, and helping to find products suitable for their goals.

Beautiful African American women with blue makeup

Tips on How to Become a Makeup Artist

If you are passionate about beauty, you may have considered if you have what it takes to become a makeup artist. Being paid to think about beauty trends, experiment with different looks, and help others look and feel their best sounds like a dream. If you are an aspiring makeup artist, the following tips will prove useful in achieving your goals.

  1. Never Stop Practicing

Practice makes perfect, and makeup is no exception to the rule. The more you do it, the better you will be. Test out different looks on yourself or your friends, research tutorials, and incorporate doing so into your daily routine.

  1. Do Your Research

Take the time to research the makeup industry and the great artists before you. Find who inspires you and learn about their story and how they made their way into your Instagram feed. You also want to research which styles speak to you the most. As with any form of art, you will have your own style, and it is essential to perfect it.

  1. Get a Formal Education

If you are serious about becoming a professional makeup artist, going to a cosmetology school and getting all of the necessary certifications will significantly benefit your career. At Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute, we offer a variety of courses that will help you excel in your goals. Contact us today to inquire about our enrollment process.

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How to Become an Aesthetician

A medical aesthetician specializes in facial skin care and often works closely with dermatologists. They help to improve and maintain the appearance and health of a client’s skin through a variety of procedures, products, and services.

Though they are often confused for cosmetologists, aestheticians are more focused in the medical field and are actively involved in the ongoing healthcare and treatment of each patient. Medical aestheticians may be employed in hospitals, medical practices, healthcare facilities, salons, and plastic surgery practices.

What Services Do Aestheticians Provide?

Aestheticians provide a wide range of services, most commonly chemical peels, facial scrubs, laser treatment, and Botox injections. They will examine the skin of their patients and help determine the best treatment options for their needs and concerns. From acne to aging, aestheticians can help with a variety of skin issues.

If you are interested in becoming an aesthetician, our Long Island beauty school offers a variety of courses on skin care. We have both beginner and advanced classes to help you accelerate your career and work in a field that allows you to help others. Contact Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute today at (516) 520-4800 for more information on how to enroll.

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Exfoliation Tips for Acne Prone Skin

If you have an interest in skin care, you have most likely heard about exfoliation. Exfoliation is beneficial for every skin type but can have even more benefits for acne-prone skin. However, many conceptions about what this skin care process is are not always accurate.

What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the face and body. The products used, called exfoliants, helps to reduce the number of dead cells that build up on the skin. Though our skin naturally exfoliates itself, there are times when the process is not nearly as effective as it could be. This results in acne-prone skin where the dead skin cells begin to clog up pores.

There are many different exfoliation products available on the market, and each one can be beneficial for different skin types. Someone with sensitive skin, for example, would be better off using a gentle exfoliating cleanser than scrubbing daily with a harsh loofa.

As an esthetician, you will learn all about the various physical and chemical exfoliation procedures to help make the best decision for your client’s treatment. When you are treating someone with acne prone skin, exfoliation is necessary for his or her skincare routine.

If you are interested in becoming an esthetician to help others with their skin care needs, enroll in our beauty academy in Suffolk County, NY. Contact Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute today to learn more about our courses.

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What Career Paths can a Cosmetologist Take?

Are you interested in becoming a cosmetologist? Though many people think and education in cosmetology primarily encompasses makeup artistry, it is actually more of a blanket term for a variety of specialties within the beauty industry. Most states require specific schooling and licenses depend on your field of study, so it is essential to choose a school that suits all of your needs. At Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute, we offer a variety of cosmetology and esthetics courses for students in the area.

When you pursue a career in cosmetology, there are varieties of professions you can specialize in, such as:

  • Hairstylist
  • Nail technician
  • Salon or spa owner
  • Beautician
  • Event stylist
  • Makeup artist
  • Esthetician
  • Medical esthetician
  • Permanent makeup artist
  • Laser technician

You can also delve into magazine editing or consulting, as well as sales or marketing within the cosmetics industry. Your options are seemingly endless, and all of them provide rewarding work and career paths.

Making people feel beautiful is a great way to make a living. With the help from our Long Island beauty school, you can receive the education and certifications you need to dive into the world of cosmetology. Contact Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute today at (516) 520-4800 to inquire about our enrollment options.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Beauty School

If you have a love for makeup, hair, and style, enrolling in beauty school may be just what you need to turn your passion into profit. At Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute, we offer a variety of courses for those interested in pursuing cosmetology in the Long Island area. Below are four reasons why you should attend our beauty school in Suffolk County, NY.

  1. Entrepreneurial Freedom

As a licensed stylist, you can have the freedom to create your own schedule. Whether you are working in a salon or operating your own business, your hours are much more flexible than a standard 9-5 job. The work of making people look and feel beautiful is also incredibly rewarding.

  1. Be Paid Your Worth

When you work as a cosmetologist, the level of work you complete on each customer directly affects your income. You will never have to worry about not being paid your true works worth when you complete lengthy highlights or complicated cuts.

  1. Office Life is Not For You

For some, working in an office setting can be incredibly dull. When you pursue a career as a stylist, you will be always on your feet and working directly with a variety of people. You are also able to flex your creativity while assisting customers with their desired hair or makeup looks.

  1. You May Work with High-Profile Clients

Many aspiring stylists want to work their way to the entertainment and fashion industry. With hard work and dedication, you may find yourself one day styling top models’ hair or providing makeup for film sets.

Woman Receiving Facial Esthetics Treatment

What is an Esthetician?

An esthetician specializes in skincare and beauty. They are not medical doctors but instead perform a variety of cosmetic treatments such as facials, chemical peels, and waxing. Estheticians can help you determine your skin type, as well as how to treat it with various skin care products.

When you visit these skin care therapists, you will be able to receive advice on how to care for your skin properly. They can help you create a daily routine, as well as suggest products that will benefit any skin type or condition you have.

Estheticians primarily work at salons and day spas, but can also work closely with a dermatologist in their office or through a referral system. Since they are not medical doctors, these skin care professionals are unable to diagnose skin conditions, prescribe medications, or suggest treatment for anything outside of cosmetic products. Estheticians will offer the following services:

  • Facials
  • Extractions
  • Acne treatments
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Superficial chemical peels
  • Body wraps, masks, and scrubs
  • Waxing and hair removal
  • Airbrush tanning
  • Makeup application

If you are interested in becoming an esthetician, our Long Island beauty school offers a variety of courses to help you pursue your goals. We offer everything from our full 600-hour course to smaller programs and certifications. Contact our school today at (516) 520-4800 to inquire about enrollment.

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If you are interested in training to become a beauty expert, our beauty school is the right choice. We will help students transform their passion for Long Island beauty into a rewarding career. From esthetician courses to nail technician training, we offer a variety of classes and programs for those interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry.

Our goal is to offer quality education to students aspiring to be successful in the beauty industry. Our courses are tech-savvy, eco-focused, and are always up to date on the latest beauty styles and trends. We offer classes in everything from makeup to hairstyling so students can explore a variety of different ways to pursue their passion.

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