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Beauty can improve the lives of people, adding value to your own. Two of the most common services are natural hairstyling and makeup artistry, both of which you can learn in hairstyle classes at Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute on Long Island, New York. The professionals at our cosmetology school will prepare you for entry into the hot new world of Blow Dry Bars, which is trending now .

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September 11th, 2017
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Natural Hair Styling New York State 300-Hour Course

View of Woman with Black Hair From BehindThis course leading to New York State Licensing, covers a full range of hairstyling techniques, including blow-out techniques, updos, styling, braiding, and extension. Our natural hairstyling course consists of everything from the most basic fundamentals of styling with simply blow dry techniques to creating elaborate designs for any occasion. You'll learn to create modern styles as well as edgy, creative hair designs, using round brush and blow dry techniques for hairstyles with volume and thermal iron work for tousled, loose weaves. We also teach roller settings for soft, sexy curves, flat ironing for poker-straight styles, braiding, extensions, and more. Once completed, you'll know all the practical and theoretical knowledge to become a New York State-licensed natural hairstylist.

Scope of Curriculum

  • NY State Laws and Regulations
  • Client Consultation
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Safety and Health
  • Hair Analysis
  • Hair and Scalp Disorder
  • Chemistry of Natural Hair Style
  • Treatments, Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Blow Drying, Styling Braiding and Extensions

Contact us today to enroll in classes to learn the latest natural hairstyling techniques in our classes. We proudly serve students from Long Island and the surrounding areas, including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Bronx, New York.

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